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Social accounts, content planning and through-the-line digital campaigns are a critical part of the sales funnel.
Sapphire actively promotes your product, interacts with customers and co-ordinates sales incentives and activities across social media platforms aligned to stakeholder strategy, customer experience and high performance online sales generation.

We have custom built bespoke Apps and have more projects in development.

The first is a ROI tracker and designed for national marketing promotions, highlighting the efficacy of marketing materials, in-market asset performance and reverse logistics.

The other streamlines the ordering process with photo-recognition technology for large Retailers focused on cost saving and human capital performance. As a current or future partner to Sapphire, expect us to continually deliver value and savings through custom built technology solutions.

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The Sapphire DIGITAL silo doesn’t just “do tech” – we create it!

Oracle NetSuite to WP+WC Product Connector

Product integration between NetSuite ERP & WordPress + Woocommerce. This includes full product Meta, Price, Stock Levels & Categorisation.

Order Push – WP+WC to NetSuite

Orders are automatically pushed into NetSuite ERP after being placed online; based on WC order status and/or payment type.

NetSuite to Woocommerce Invoice Integration

Display final invoices online on the website dashboard for client records.

Courier Integration

Clients can track order delivery progress from Invoice to POD. Courier tracking Status displayed on the website dashboard, and client is notified with emails at each step of the delivery process.

User Location, Branch or Store Assignment Groups

Synchronise client’s Retail, Head Office and Distribution locations on the procurement portal to allow the assignment of users that are located at/manage or own the location. This allows multiple users, of various role levels and belonging to that location, to perform specific workflows for the location / business on the procurement website.

Promotions Tool

Enables the Company and their Retail Locations to track large promotional distributions for POS marketing campaigns. Enables Retail Locations to report back on activation of the promotion locally on site.

Live Stock

Display real-time stock level for any product on the supplier’s procurement website front end, available at supplier multiple depot locations. Allows the client’s staff or customers to place back orders & track back orders of temporarily out of stock products. Displays different stock formats to different user roles (types)

Role Based Price Control

Display different pricing and sale pricing for different user roles, i.e. Retail, B2B, Head Office etc.

Automatic User Role Escalation

User’s access role gets automatically updated when performing certain functions on the procurement system.

Active Directory Integration

Allows staff on our client’s Active Directory to log into the supplier’s procurement website.

Order Approval & Escalation

Orders that are placed over budget, or have flagged items, are held for upline approval. Orders that are pending approval for too long will be escalated repeatedly further for higher upline approval.

Budget Control Tool

Tool that allows the client to manage and update store budgets for their retail network using a file upload tool. Stores order against these budgets.

Customer Wallet

Staff wallet that allows users to purchase uniform on the procurement platform using an annual allowance provided by their company.

Compulsory Item Escalation

Set specific products to require upstream approval before the order may be processed.

Products by Region

Products on the procurement website catalogue are made available or excluded from being ordered by certain customers based on their region.


Other Development Highlights:

Banking Sector: Automated Montly Reporting

For a financial services (banking) client, we set up automated monthly reporting via an API that we built, in order to facilitate an immediate exchange of data between ourselves and our client.

Oil Sector: Report Tool

For an oil sector client, we set up a mechanism by which they could draw their own reporting from our system, based on pre-set parameters, for ease of access to information which they required on a regular basis.

Motor Sector: Uniform Procurement Solution

For a motor sector client we have built a uniform procurement solution that integrates with their HR system to allow their staff to spend a provisioned company allowance to purchase uniform and other related products.

Retail Sector: Stationery Procurement Solution

For a retail sector client we built a stationery procurement platform that integrates with their staff Active Directory, HR systems and store budgets to allow their store managers to order store stationery against the clients’ tightly controlled budgets. This has also expanded into development of a support tool to enable our client to assist in the management of personnel and store changes, to facilitate ninterrupted access to the stationery procurement system.

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